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The efficient use, treatment and distribution of water is a topic that no one can close their eyes to – neither consumers, nor investors, nor politicians. Although we get it practically free, water is the one natural resource for which there is no substitute. A machine can be driven by biomass, wind or solar energy, but biological life is impossible without water.

About Tareno Waterfund

Water focus

The Tareno Waterfund invests globally in listed companies that offer products and services directly or indirectly related to the value chain of water.


Investment universe

The investment universe consists mainly of mid-cap stocks, with a strategic exposure in the emerging markets.


Industry fund

Our industry fund is based sustainably in the areas of infrastructure, utilities, engineering, filter & separation and processing technology.

Investment in the bottled water industry, water sources or water rights are not part of our investment strategy.


Stock selection

Stock selection takes a bottom-up, value-oriented approach with macro thematic views.


The increasing demand for freshwater calls for innovative solutions for sustainable water management. By investing in companies that are active in the distribution, treatment, purification or efficient usage of water we can profit from the necessary investments in this market.”
Stefan SchützAnalyst

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